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Recommendations from Clients and Colleagues

“Avery and his entire team worked tirelessly on our case from start to finish. He helped guide us through the overwhelming legal system, always explained procedures, expectations, and was always one step ahead of the other side. He is extremely talented, and an absolute genius! His ability to think creatively about different cases, and applying knowledge, experience, and expertise in our case was a winning strategy. I must say that Avery is one hell of a lawyer, and I would not want to go against him in court! He is a quick thinker and knows how to get to the bottom to dig out the truth! And finally, and maybe most importantly…as good as a lawyer Avery is, his utmost professionalism, attentiveness, and also kindness and humility makes him an exceptional human being.”

  • Sonja Capasso, Interior Designer at Capasso Interior Design and Licensed Real Estate Broker at Capasso Realty

In growing our GreenSorb business, we’re busy all of the time in many directions. What I enjoy about Avery is his practical business perspectives coupled with proven legal experiences. It makes for a great combination to have as a “go to” resource for our company.”

  • Tom Uskup, President at Sorbent Green

“Avery is a valuable equine and complex litigation attorney.”

  • Amy Rice, Esq, Attorney, Arbitrator, and Mediator at Law Offices of Amy Rice

“Avery Chapman is an extremely knowledgable equine lawyer. His strengths lie in adaptability and reaching the core issues. He is responsive and committed to his clients.”

  • Kris Bowman, Business Development Director

Avery is by far the best attorney I have worked with in many years. He is strong, smart and well rounded. If you need a great attorney, call Avery.”

  • Steven Yariv, Setting the Standard of Excellence

“I’ve known Avery for a very long time, and have worked with him in the past in the early entrepreneurial days of my firm. Avery is a smart, out of the box thinker, has good ideas — he worked with me to get my clients to come on board while managing both US and European approaches to business in the process. I believe you will enjoy working with Avery, and appreciate his level of service as well as the attention you will receive.”

  • Gregory Mark Hill, Private Equity, Leveraged Finance, Family Office

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