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Equine Law Group is headquartered in the heart of the Palm Beach equestrian world of Wellington, Florida, and has represented clients both nationally and internationally. ELG’s decades of experience with equine law issues has resulted in strategies and solutions for law issues that concern horses, horse businesses, and equestrian real estate, as well as a variety of topics from bill of sale contracts to doping and drug litigation. Our equine law practice represents Olympic-level riders, professional polo players, sponsors, trainers, owners in equine and real estate business interests, as well as major equine sport governing organizations and the largest equine veterinary clinics in the United States. Our experience and success in dealing with a variety of cases have proven to be an invaluable resource for our clients to navigate the convoluted world of equine law. For example, we have drafted equine drug and medications rules and enforcement regulations and can represent you in violation hearings, conduct hearings and disciplinary hearings before the USEF and other equine organizations.

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Our areas of expertise include:

– Agent purchase and sale issues
– Agister’s Liens
– Agricultural Tax Exemptions and Appeals
– Auctions
– Bill of Sale Drafting and Issues
– Breeding Contracts
– Boarding Agreements
– Commissions Agreements
– Contract Disputes
– Counsel and representation before equestrian sport governing bodies
– Disciplinary Hearings
– Divorce and horses
– Drug and Medication Rules Violations
– Employment Practices
– Equine Activity Statutes
– Equine Business formation, transactions and counseling
– Equine Employment issues
– Equine insurance liability policies and coverage issues
– Equine liens (also known as horse liens, agister’s liens, stablekeeper’s liens)
– Equine mortality policy issues
– Equine Quarantine Issues
– Export Issues
– Fencing and other Duty of Care Issues
– Import Issues
– International Conflicts of Law
– Insurance coverage disputes
– Jockey Issues
– Liability Releases
– Liens for Stablekeepers, Farriers, Veterinarians and others providing horse care
– Lobbying
– Negligence Issues
– Permitting and Construction of Equestrian and Polo Facilities
– Professional Rider Liability
– Purchase and sale contracts
– Racetrack Issues (Stewarding disputes, Drug and Medications violations, Labor disputes)
– Racing and Licensing Regulation Issues
– Releases, Waivers and Liability Disputes
– Sales Commissions Disputes
– Stable Keeper’s Liens
– Stable Premises Liability
– Steward Disputes
– Syndication Agreements
– Tax issues affecting equine businesses
– Tax and Value Adjustment Board applications and appeals
– Trainer Liability
– USEF Rules Violations (Conduct violations, Drug and Medications violations)
– Veterinarian Liens
– Veterinarian representation before state licensing boards
– Veterinary Malpractice (for Veterinarians and Owners)
– Zoning Applications and Zoning Appeals

The Equine Law Group is a division of Chapman Law Group, and contains equine lawyers and equine attorneys who provide clients national and international access to a great depth of experience in the field of equine law.

We have equine lawyers and attourneys in Florida, Connecticut, and New Jersey; ELG attorneys are also available for equine law needs in Virginia, Kentucky, California, Texas and other state and federal courts by matter as well as for international law issues. Our equine lawyers double as experienced riders, trainers, and farm owners who bring unique knowledge and perspective to the firm to provide legal services and materials.

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